How much should web design cost? Estimate considerations from a Vernon Web Designer


The cost of a website depends largely on what you need from it. If you’re looking for a simple site with a  basic template, a few pages of information about your company, and a few customized graphics then your costs will typically be under $1000. If, however, you’re looking for a site with advanced functionality and a completely customized design then you’re costs will be much higher simply because of the additional work required. There are a lot of factors to consider but typically a clients needs can be met in one of 3 ways by any experienced web designer.

Note: We recommend that clients have their website built with WordPress. WordPress allows you to access your website content from a user-friendly administrative area. Posts, Pages, Categories, and other functions are all easily accessible and customizable without any further expense for simple alterations to your site.

Pre-made Customized Designs

For new businesses and entrepreneurs who haven’t established a firm brand yet an ideal way to get started is to simply purchase a pre-made and customizable WordPress template. If you already have a logo you can have the template customized to match. Typically you can buy a modern and responsive template for under $100 and having WordPress installed, secured, and launched should only cost about $500 more.

Customized Information Sites

A custom built website with basic functionality is ideal for pre-existing offline businesses that are looking to provide online information about their company and products or services. A customized website can be tailored to match your current branding and designed specifically to your requirements. Without the need for advanced functionality like members access or ecommerce products the majority of your expense will come strictly from the design process (which should include at least a few revisions). As an estimate, a site like this should cost roughly $1500 to $2000.

Customized Advanced Sites

There are numerous available functionalities that you can include in your site to encourage your visitors. Selling products online, offering membership rewards, hosting a discussion forum, and booking events are just a few ideas. Once upon a time it would have been necessary to program any of these functions individually, a costly and time consuming process with numerous development requirements. Luckily WordPress has the largest community of developers in the world and typically a well-supported and reputable 3rd party plugin can be found for any required functionality. This saves on development cost as well as upgrade requirements in the future.

Even using WordPress to save on development cost, a site with Advanced functionality will still require dozens of hours of setup, troubleshooting, securing, and testing. A custom design will cost slightly more than it would with a basic information site because additional styling will be necessary for the advanced functions. Giving an estimate on a project such as this is quite difficult but as an estimate I would say that the custom design should cost roughly $2500 with an additional $500-$1000 for every advanced function required. Projects with multiple advanced functions should budget for additional troubleshooting and testing.

Again, the above estimates are strictly speculation based on only a basic few considerations. After 10 years of working in the industry I can confidently say that the above prices are a fair estimate of what an average website should cost simply based on how much the work it requires to build it. Please keep in mind that some companies may charge more overall but provide ongoing service, other companies will charge slightly less but provide less support.

If you would like to discuss your own web design project in more detail and get a more accurate idea of what it would cost, contact us directly (click here) or schedule a 45 minute consultation instantly.