Public Relations and the importance of Clarity

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Although a certain degree of focus and attention should always be paid to marketing, too many business owners spend too little time on establishing good PR. Marketing is a powerful tool that, used properly, attracts potential clients and raises brand awareness. However, marketing is a paid tool where the message is entirely controlled by you and, believe it or not, people know that. “Public relations” is more personable than marketing and provides more credibility because the message is from a 3rd party and is generally not a part of a paid campaign.

What is PR?

Quite simply, Public Relations is the discipline of establishing and sustaining a relationship of goodwill, trust, and understanding between you and the public. This includes:

•    potential clients
•    current clients
•    community associations & groups
•    business associates
•    potential investors
•    industry colleagues
•    advisors
•    the media
•    other influential individuals in your market or local area

While marketing gimmicks might attract customers, good public relations keeps them coming back (and telling their friends about you). PR is all about image, reputation, and visibility. Where Marketing is what you say, PR is what you do and what others say about what you do.

Some clients ask whether or not they require a professional PR firm or representative or if they can do their own Public relations. This decision depends on 2 major factors; (1) The size of your business and the target market, and (2) an in-depth understanding of the communication process.

Good communication is the foundation of good Public Relations. More importantly, good communication is dependent on a clear and focussed state of mind. Your own mood, your level of attention, and your motives all play a part in whether or not you will succeed as your own PR rep. Communication is more than just an exchange of words, it is a all-inclusive dance of subtlety and nuance that requires an actively intelligent and aware mind.

Clarity gives you the ability to make any conversation an opportunity for great PR and future growth. Download my free e-book “The 7 stages of Limitless Living” for some free exercises to enhance your own Clarity and truly see the path to success.