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Keep it simple

With over 10 years of experience designing and promoting both local and international brands, Vernon Web and SEO provides top quality service and, perhaps more importantly, guidance as you expand your business online. Looking for a more effective website? Need more search engine or social traffic? We know what to do.

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Responsive Designs

Make the most of every visitor. Your website will look fantastic in every device – mobile, ipad, laptop or desktop computers.


Search Engine Optimization

A website is only useful if it gets visitors. People are already searching for your service and an effective SEO campaign will help them find you.


Expert Analysis

Not getting the response you wanted? An in-depth analysis of your site can provide valuable insights that can change your visitors experience and make your site more effective.



Advertising online can be a great way to increase sales but knowing where, when, and how to display your ads can be the difference between a worthwhile investment or a waste of money.


Social Media

Whether you’re new to social media or just trying to gain more followers, we can help you form a strategy for increasing engagement and improving your online presence.


Maintenance and Support

New security threats, updated browsers, and changing web standards mean that your site will occasionally need maintenance. As a client, you receive discounted support and hosting management.

Web design prices vary depending on experience and overhead. Inexperienced designers cost less but make mistakes, larger agencies cost more to cover costs and staff. As a family owned business Vernon Web and SEO is able to provide experienced service and reasonable rates.

Have an itemized quote or estimate from a local designer? We can probably lower your costs significantly.

Why SEO?

Percentage of Users who focus on Search Results and ignore Ads
Percentage of Search Engine users that never pass the first page
percentage of clicks generated by the first 4 search results
percentage of local mobile searches that result in offline purchases
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Let’s Talk

Digital Marketing is a multi-faceted process that requires a clear strategy to be successful. Having a website isn’t enough if you don’t know the best way to maximize your traffic or retain your audience. Contact us today and schedule a free consultation – let’s discuss your vision, your options, and where to start.

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